Terms and conditions / Rental Policy
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24hrs delivery services
Airport – Port – Hotels
Daily, weekly & monthly
Breakdown assistance
& vehicle replacement
Fully Insured Vehicles
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Our prices include

 Unlimited mileage

 Collision damage waiver

 Theft & fire protection

 Public liability insurance

 Personal life insurance

 24hrs break down assist

 All taxes - VAT 24%

 Detailed road map of Crete

 Delivery and collection at Heraklion airport, port, hotel


Required documents for renting a car

Passport or identity card, driving license of each driver and valid credit card.


Age requirements

The driver’ s age for renting a car, starts from 23 years old for economy groups and 25 years old for all other categories, with valid driving licence issued at least a year ago. The maximum age limit, is until 65 years old.


Method of payment

A valid credit or charge card is required for renting a car, even if the renter finally pays by cash. Payment shall be made direct up on delivery of the rental car by the customer at the requested location. For a car rental reservation a secure deposit may apply. We accept payment by cash, payment with bank transfer and secure payment through PayPal. Company is unable to give a refund if the vehicle is returned earlier, in any case.


About fuel

The renter is obliged to follow all instructions and always use the correct type of fuel. Fuel is always paid by the renter. Vehicles are hired out with ¼, ½, ¾ or with full tank and expected to be brought back with the same level of tank as was delivered at the beginning of the rental, otherwise the renter will be charged with the cost of the missing fuel. We use common sense, a bit more or less doesn't matter. The company cannot guarantee a full tank of petrol from before.


Traffic violations

The renter assumes full responsibility for the traffic violations and pays the respective fines. If any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period, the violation will be charged to the renter.


Road assistance and vehicle replacement

In cooperation with INTERAMERICAN and ELPA, all our cars are covered by 24/7 road assistance. Any mechanical problem you may face with your car or in the unfortunate event of an accident, you have to report it immediately to the car hire company, whose telephone numbers are shown on your rent a car voucher. All contact details are always provided up on delivery by our representatives. Our help center support will receive your calls at any time and we will try to help you in the best way. In case of breakdown or in case of accident, your car will be replaced, with another same or bigger size as soon as possible. Any damage caused to the vehicle due to off-road driving, will not be covered by road assistance.

**Replacing a flat tire with the spare is clearly a responsibility of the driver, it is not covered by road assistance.


Ferrying the vehicle

Ferrying the car to any island or mainland is not allowed. All insurances will be voided and the renter will be responsible for any damage caused if the vehicle is driven elsewhere than Crete Island.


Special Equipment

Equipment such as child car seats, GPS navigator etc, is available for all customers and all car groups. We provide variety of quality child seats from all types and any age such as infant safety seats, baby seats and boosters. All child safety seats are provided free of charge. GPS Navigation system is available in all languages and provided upon request for all car groups with a low additional cost depends on the rental duration. Please do always request special equipment well in advance.


Delivery and collection of vehicles

You are able to pick up your rental car at the location of your choice once we provide car rental services at all major gateways to Crete as airports and ports but also at the most popular tourist resorts of Crete.

Delivery and collection is free of charge at Heraklion airport, Heraklion port, Heraklion downtown or any other location in the area of Heraklion within city limits as Hotels, apartments etc. For any other location, an additional cost may apply and there is also an extra charge for overtime car delivery (23:00 - 08:00), you may contact us in advance.

*All listed prices and special offers on our website valid for the area of Heraklion within city limits (airport, port, hotels etc).



Car groups available

Reservations can only be confirmed according to the car groups available on our website. All reservations are based on a vehicle category and not a certain car model. In case of no availability for a confirmed reservation, Autocreta reserves the right to offer a vehicle of bigger category to the customer with no extra charge.


Booking deposit

For a car rental reservation, a secure deposit may apply to be paid in advance (5-10% from the total amount). The deposit will be deducted from the total amount of course and the account balance will be paid up on delivery at the requested pick up location. Booking deposit payment shall be made via a secure bank transfer in co-operation with ALPHA BANK and the NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE. Payments through PayPal are also accepted. Bank or PayPal fees, will be charged to the renter.

Some reservations may be confirmed without deposit payment, you may contact us in advance.

**There is no refund of booking deposit in any case.


Change or upgrade your booking / Cancellation

Autocreta has the right to cancel any confirmed reservation at any time, if the client misbehaves or disregards the company's rental policies.

In case you desire to upgrade or cancel your car rental reservation, we kindly ask from you to let us know about any change as soon as possible.

In most cases there is no any cancelation fee.



Insurance policy, coverings and waivers

All rental vehicles are fully insured. The rental rates include collision damage waiver insurance with a fixed excess amount depending on the car group chosen valid for vehicle’s body parts, windows and mirrors. Insurance for public liability and third party insurance with up to 750.000 euro for persons and up to 750.000 euro for damaged properties. In the unfortunate event of accidental injury, personal life insurance is also included and valid for driver and all passengers with coverage up to 15.000 euro for the each passenger.

We also provide full damage waiver insurance against all risks without self-participation from which the renter is completely relieved from the responsibility of any damage. This insurance has no exclusions and valid for damages to glass, roof, vehicle body parts. This type of insurance may not be available in every rental but provided on request with a low additional cost depending on the car group chosen, you may contact us in advance.

Fire and theft protection waiver is provided which covers the rental vehicle for total or partial loss. Theft insurance does not cover any stolen belongings of the customer.


Flat tire

In case of a flat tire during the rental, the replacement of a flat tire with the spare is clearly a responsibility of the driver and the company assumes no responsibility. If punctured the tire of the car under normal driving conditions (not by off road driving), the driver is exempt from all responsibility and repair the tire bears the company. To rid the renter from any charge, the driver shall immediately replace the punctured tire with the spare. Renter is not covered if insists on driving with a flat tire!


Important insurance tips

In the unfortunate event of an accident the nearest police station must be informed by the renter and an accident report obtained at the real time of the fact. Also please let us know immediately. "Without this report the renter is responsible for the full amount of the repairs!" With this report the renter responsibility is eliminated.



Any Damage caused to the vehicle by the driver’s negligence (burnt clutch, scratches from branches of trees, damages due to off-road driving, cigarette burns on seating etc.) the renter will be charged the amount of the repair costs. The renter is responsible for theft or damages in the interior of the vehicle. Loss of keys is the renter’s responsibility and in this case the amount of the lost key will be charged to the renter.

For negligent or drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the full amount of charges.

Renter is not covered if insists on driving with a flat tire or with the overheat indicator.

NO insurance covers wheels, tires and the underside of the vehicle.

Any accidents caused due to violation of the international traffic law, are NOT covered by any insurance.