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Near the quiet town of Sfakia you will find the wonderful harbour town of Agia Galini. The town of Agia Galini sits just an hour and a half drive from Heraklion and Chania and just one hour from Rethymnon.

Taking a tip from Loutro the town of Agia Galini doesn´t allow cars to prevail, and the only use of cars permitted is on the single main road that runs into the harbour of Agia Galini.

There is plenty to do in the town of Agia Galini, but one thing that has become very popular is the fishing trips available on a daily basis providing the weather stays clear. The fishing here is amazing and you can catch anything from Grouper to Tuna.

If fishing isn´t your thing then there´s the lovely sandy beaches or archeological finds and sights to visit including the famous Samaria Gorge which is one of the main attractions to visitors to the West of Crete.


Agia Galini General Information

The name Agia Galini means “Holy Peace” in Greek, and the town is aptly named. The town itself is built on the hills surrounding the busy harbour of Agia Galini where the local fisherman land their daily catch for the local Taverns.

Talking of local Taverns Agia Galini has quite a few that have sprung up over the years. You can always find some great bars and places to sit and relax the night away in Agia Galini.

If it’s excellent beaches and things to do during the day, then this town if for you. The beaches are of excellent quality and with lovely golden sands you can spend the holiday sunbathing on the beach or enjoying the water sports on offer daily.


Things to do in Agia Galini

If you pick Agia Galini for your holiday to Crete then you know how to experience the real Crete, and you may want to go explore the surrounding areas and find new sights and secluded beaches.

Some of the areas you could visit are the ancient Greek sites of Phaestos, Agia Triada or Gortys. If you’re interested in the myths and legends of Crete then taking a look at the white statues of Daedalos and Icarus who are ready to take flight from the harbour.

Daedalos and Icarus if you remember your Greek history is where Icarus flew too close to the sun and his wings melted. Or if archaeology isn´t your things then take a day trip by boat to Preveli, the boat trips are available from the harbour on a daily basis and only cost 15 euros or so.