Chersonissos is situated between Heraklion and Stalis on the Middle East Crete. Not far from the city of Heraklion this resort offers something for couples and families and the young alike, thriving nightlife, small sandy beaches, excellent shopping, sightseeing boat trips and to the local golf course.

The town of Hersonissos is very cosmopolitan attracting a varied group of European tourists or for visitors from all over the world. The town is very popular with Irish holidaymaker´s and you will find a wealth of Irish bars and cafes. The main center of Hersonissos is crammed with relaxing cafes and Tavern’s and the waterfront has different places to eat from traditional Greek Tavern’s to Italian restaurants.

Hersonissos General Information

The high season of Hersonissos is June, July and August, during this time you will find the nightlife quite hectic and non-stop, but there are plenty of cafes and bars you can relax in away from the beachfront madness.

The beaches of Hersonissos wind around the town with lots of hidden coves to explore and quiet beaches. The day and night guide covers most of the beaches with pictures so you can choose your best beach to holiday on. Hersonissos is also home to one of the few nudist beaches in Crete which lies to the west of Hersonissos.

If you’re looking for the traditional side of Hersonissos then it’s well recommended that you visit the village of Piskopiano up in the Hersonissos hills. The reason Piskopiano is now becoming so popular is that it holds on to the traditional way of life like many mountainous villages, something that is becoming a rarity on the eastern side of Crete.

During the day Hersonissos port is a nice place to relax and watch the world go by, with fresh fish landed daily you can enjoy some great meals during the day or in the evening at many of the Tavern’s at Hersonissos port.

If its boat trips from Hersonissos then head down to the port where you will find a few companies offering boat trips and glass bottom boat tours around the coastline of east Crete, or to Dia Island.


Hersonissos is ideal for

If anyone tries to sell you a holiday in Hersonissos by telling you it’s a small, picturesque Cretan town, don’t believe them - they’re lying. Hersonissos means fun and mass tourism, lovely but busy beaches, a modern town with dozens of shops selling tourist goods, clothes and jewelry, restaurants offering all kinds of food, cafeterias, bars and nightclubs to suit every taste.

Hersonissos also means conference tourism in the large luxury hotels, the only golf course in Crete, and all-inclusive holidays for tourists of all ages who are mostly entertained in their hotel and rarely leave it to get to know the beautiful sights of Crete. This is a shame, because Hersonissos is ideally placed for easy travel across the whole island, either by rented car or by bus.

People traveling with children will find many ways of keeping them happy in Hersonissos, with a day at the two Water Parks, a visit to the Hersonissos Aquarium or the giant CretAquarium in Gournes, a trip on the “happy train”, or letting them enjoy themselves in the play areas provided by many restaurants.


Villages of Hersonissos

There are two main villages that border Hersonissos, the first is Piskopiano which sits on a hill above the holiday resort of Hersonissos, it’s a lot quieter than the main town, and has some lovely Greek restaurants and small intimate bars.

Within Piskopiano you can book hotels and apartments, and it only takes 20 or so minutes to walk back into the main area of Hersonissos and the beaches. The village is ideal for older couples and families who don’t want to be in the thick of the action or sharing their hotel with younger groups of holiday makers.

The second village is Koutouloufari which again placed just above Hersonissos, and is full of character and charm. A lot of people choose to take their holidays in Koutouloufari to be close to the facilities that Hersonissos provides but to relax at night in the small Greek bars, cafes and Tavernas.

The village of Koutouloufari is very traditional and picturesque so make sure you bring your camera for some amazing holiday shots. There is more information on Koutouloufari and Piskopiano on their relevant pages.

These two beautiful and graphic villages are parts of Hersonissos and ideal for those who like Hersonissos but they would rather stay somewhere quieter without missing out on all seaside Hersonissos has to offer.