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Stalis is on the North east coast of Crete between Malia and Hersonissos and is a relaxed resort popular with British holidaymaker s, European holidaymaker s from the Netherlands and Germany and very popular with Irish tourists, so you will find a wealth of Irish bars in Stalis.

The town of Stalis is situated on the main beach and most hotels, bars and restaurants run parallel to the beach.  You will find traditional restaurants, small welcoming bars and pubs as well as the odd small dancing club or two.

Stalis is an excellent base for your holiday to explore Crete being close to the mountains and beaches as well as just an hour away from Heraklion the capital city of Crete.

General information about Stalis

Stalis or more commonly called in Greek “Stalida” was once a small coastal town dependent on farming and agriculture, with some reliance on the fishing boats bring in the daily catch to the smaller Taverns.  In the mid-70s when tourism started to come to the island of Crete the villagers saw an opportunity to market Crete to European holidaymaker´s, especially the original Irish tourists and the once small village has grown into a fully-fledged tourist resort catering for families and couples alike.

The beachfront has some amazing 4 and 5 star hotels, all overlooking the clear blue seas and clean sandy beaches.  The beaches are either private with each hotel or portioned off for each beach bar.  You can choose which beach bar and beach you like just by visiting the bar area and trying their drinks, cocktails and snacks.

There is plenty to do in the wonderful resort of Stalis, with its wealth of shops including leather, fashion and jewelers.  You can enjoy a day on the beach of Stalis, or why not explore the smaller mountain towns of Mohos and Krassi which sit in the mountains behind Stalis and Malia.


Family Holidays in Stalis

If you’re thinking of taking a family holiday to Stalis then you must pick your hotel with care, make sure it has nightly entertainment, child friendly pools and if possible a kids daily programmer.

Within Stalis itself there isn´t much for kids to do apart from head to the beach, the bars and pubs are very children friendly though and you can play pub quizzes and bingo in most English style bars.  This is ok for older children but for very young children they may become quite bored without good hotel entertainment.

Don’t be put off taking your family to Stalis, it’s a very friendly and relaxing resort, also there are activities in other resorts like Horse riding in Hersonissos, paint balling and football in Malia and plenty of fishing trips to take the kids on.


What to do in Stalis

 • A walk on the beach to admire the sunset

 • A walk along the main coast road of Stalis. On summer evenings the road is closed to traffic, so you can walk along it safely. Roughly halfway along is the small Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis. It is mentioned on seventeenth-century Venetian maps, when there was hardly anything in Stalis.

 • Visit neighboring Malia and stroll through the picturesque alleyways in the old part of town (above the main road), or visit the archaeological site of Malia and admire the Minoan Palace ruled by Sarpedon, brother of Minos.

 • Visit neighboring Hersonissos with its waterparks and the Crete Golf Club.

 • Visit the village of Mohos, where almost all the inhabitants of Stalis come from. The village is high on the mountain behind and to the south of Stalis.

 • The road there winds up the mountainside, offering a stunning view of the Sea of Crete, Stalis and Malia.

 • There is also an old footpath from Stalis to Mohos. It´s called the "Bulgarian Path" because it was built by Bulgarian prisoners of war during the First World War.

 • In summer there is a Cretan Night once a week in Mohos, with live music and traditional dancing in the village square.

 • Another pretty village is Krasi, a few kilometers after Mohos. If it´s a very hot day in Stalis, come here to cool off in the shade of the huge plane tree next to the running water.

 • Visit the Lassithi Plateau and descend into the depths of the earth in the cave of Psychro or Dicteon Andron, where legend has it that Zeus was born.

 • From Stalis you can go on organized daytrips, either to Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, or to Agios Nikolaos and the island of Spinalonga.

 • From Stalis you can also take a boat trip to the island of Dia, a few kilometers off the north coast of Crete, or even enjoy a day cruise to scenic Santorini.